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Mojitea Eistee


Green Menthos


5-6 tsp green tea Green Menthos (alternatively you can try Peppermint tea)

4 organic limes

fresh mint

cane sugar

crushed ice or ice cubes 


Add 1 liter of water at about 80 °C to the green tea and let it steep for 3 minutes. Fill a large pot with ice cubes and pour the tea over it. Leave to cool until the tea is completely cold. Fill a large glass with 2 tsp of cane sugar, add a quartered lime and 2 mint sprigs each, and crush with a muddler. Then fill the glass with crushed ice, pour the cold tea and stir vigorously.

The perfect, non-alcoholic Mojito!

Cocktail-Tip: MOJITO
Prepare the mojito as described above and add 20 ml rum. An ice-cold, refreshing
companion for the evening hours!

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