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Preparation tips: the mokka pot

Preparation tips for the espresso maker

The traditional Italian brewing method is also known and popular here. We show you how to best use the espresso maker (or mokka pot). This way, nothing can go wrong with your espresso and you get the best result.

Espressokocher auf dem Herd

What you need for making espresso

First, you need an espresso maker (these come in different sizes, for two, four or even six cups). Then you need the most important element: coffee!

We recommend fine to medium ground coffee powder. Strong or somewhat darker roasted coffees are particularly suitable here. (We prefer to use Espresso Tembo or our Bugisu from Uganda for the espresso maker).
Now, of course, you need hot water and possibly a coffee grinder if you have coffee beans. Let’s go!

Espressokocher Nahansicht

How to brew the perfect espresso

  1. First, we recommend boiling the water separately. This way you avoid heating the coffee for an unnecessarily long time, which often leads to a bitter end result. We want to avoid that! 
  2. Fill the already boiled water into the water container. Be careful to fill the water to just below the valve. The valve should not be in the water. 
  3. Now fill the filter with coffee powder. The funnel insert should be full, but the powder should not be pressed down. Use a fine to medium grind for this. The coffee tastes best when it is freshly ground.
  4. Now screw on the jug attachment and place the stovetop jug on the cooker with the lid open.
  5. Heat the coffee on medium heat until the water seeps through the coffee grounds and starts to run into the pot. The pot should be taken off the cooker as soon as you hear a gurgling or hissing sound. We want to prevent the coffee from burning.
    Your espresso is ready!

Our tip

For a Cafe Americano, simply pour one part espresso with three parts hot water.

You can find the recipe for a Cafe Affogato here.

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