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Der Herrnhuter Teeladen Galerie Geschmacksache

The Herrnhut tea store enters the third generation

For more than 20 years, the GALERIE GeschmackSache in Herrnhut’s August-Bebel-Strasse has made a name for itself. It became well-known beyond the borders of the city for its exquisite teas and accessories.

On 01 July 2021 a new chapter was opened. We have taken over the store as a German-Zimbabwean couple and would like to inspire you with new ideas and offer you an expanded range. We are happy that we can build on the solid structures of the previous owners Mrs. Krauspenhaar and Mrs. O’Sullivan.

Under the new name “Geschmacksache Herrnhut” we now also bring in a variety of coffees and coffee accessories. We look forward to meeting you and getting involved in our beautiful city. We are committed to make a positive impact not just here in Herrnhut, but also in other parts of the world.


Leslie & Bothwell Mwedzi

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