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Peach Iced Tea

Zwei Gläser mit Pfirsich Eistee und Pfefferminze

Peach Iced Tea

Heavenly Tea


4-5 tsp black tea heavenly tea (alternatively you can also use English Breakfast or Jasmine tea)

5-6 tsp sugar as desired

4 ripe peaches

crushed ice or ice cubes 

1 organic lime

2 sprigs of mint


Add 1 liter of approx. 100°C hot water to the black tea mixture and let it brew for 3 minutes. Fill a large pot with ice and pour the tea over it. Leave to cool until the tea is completely cold. In the meantime, remove the pits from the peaches, skin them and cut them into wedges, setting aside a few peach wedges for decoration. Boil the peach slices with the sugar and about 100 ml water in a saucepan for 10 minutes until a loose fruit puree is formed. If necessary, strain through a sieve. Pour the peach puree and the sliced limes into glasses with the cooled tea and decorate with the remaining peach slices and mint. If necessary, add additional crushed ice.

Cocktail-Tip: VODKA

Prepare the iced tea as described and add 100 ml of vodka.

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