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Matcha Taishan 200g bag

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80-90°C   3 level tsp./1 litre

A Chinese Matcha, cultivated organically on the Taishan Tea Plantation located in the north-western part of the Province Zhejiang. Just like is done with high quality Gyokuros, the selected tea shrubs are kept in the shade for some time before plucking in order to increase their chlorophyll content. Compared to the Japanese production, this fair-coloured, reed-green and finely powdered Matcha offers a rather robust character with lots of volume and the authentic acerbity of typical green teas. The bowl turns moss green in colour, with a strong and fresh bouquet as well as a slight tartness in the aftertaste.


Preparation, 1st step: Paste
First, about two bamboo spoonfuls of matcha tea powder are put into the bowl – this corresponds to about one gram – and mixed with a small amount of cold water with the help of the bamboo whisk to form a smooth cream or thin paste, so that no lumps form if possible.

Preparation, 2nd step: Add water and beat until frothy
Now add about 70 ml of hot water. The water should no longer be boiling hot, but should be cooled down to about 80 degrees beforehand. Follow the instructions: The bamboo whisk is briefly moistened in the hot water, this protects the bristles from breaking. The drink is now stirred very quickly with the bamboo whisk for about one minute, or rather, whipped until frothy. The traditional Matcha drink is ready, as it has been enjoyed in Japan since ancient times.

Our tip:
Instead of the bamboo spoon, an ordinary coffee spoon will also do – a heaped tip gives the right maximum quantity. A battery-operated, commercially available milk frother is suitable for whipping. The dosage of matcha powder depends on your individual taste. For some, ½ g is enough, others prefer 1 g or even 2 g in a large cup.


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