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Magic II Infuser

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The Magic II infuser is a revolutionary method for making your preferred hot or cold beverage through the ingenious combination of proper steeping, quality leaves or ground beans or chocolate powder with fresh hot water. This patented process for making exceptional tea, coffee or chocolate drinks is so popular with people on the go, that it allows for a quality drink within minutes of mixing the ingredients together. The Magic II is brilliant. Magic II is BPA free and holds 500 ml or 2 cups.

Using the Magic II:
The Magic II is equipped with a unique shut-off valve invention that controls the flow of liquid from the Magic II to the cup through a specially designed filtration screen intended to prevent large particles from reaching your cup. With the placement of the brewer on the cup, the weight of the unit will open the valve and allow the infused liquid to flow into your cup. Once lifted from the cup the plate falls and forces the shut-off valve to close the infuser opening thus preventing further flow. The impact resistant high grade polymer used in the manufacture of the Magic Maker allows for safe and easy use for its intended purpose.

Brewing instructions:
For best tea infusion, use a teaspoon per cup and steep to the following time frame (or according to the instruction on your tea):
Green Tea 1-2 minutes
Black / White / Oolong tea 2-3 minutes
Rooibos / herbals 5-7 minutes
Adjust to taste.
Add 1 heaping tablespoon of coarse ground beans per cup. Let brew for 4-5 minutes
Hot Chocolate
Add 1 heaping tablespoon of powder per cup to water or milk and stir with spoon for 1 minute.

Cleaning instructions
Rinse after each use. Avoid harsh chemicals and extended dishwasher use. Take out Filter when desired, clean and replace firmly in unit.


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