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Wie man Filterkaffee richtig zubereitet

How to brew filter coffee

The classic among coffee preparations is filter coffee. In this regard
the filter coffee machine is of course the most uncomplicated version, but also the manual preparation with a porcelain or plastic filter is not complicated and leads to a full-bodied, well-balanced result.

The advantage of brewing by hand, you control all the important factors (such as amount of coffee, water temperature, or speed of infusion) for the coffee preparation.

You will need coffee beans, a hand filter, paper filter, a coffee grinder (or already ground beans), a kettle with a goose neck, and a scale.


Step 1

Choose a medium grind so that the coffee extracts evenly and can fully develop its aroma. We recommend that you always grind your coffee fresh and pay attention to the roasting date, because the older the coffee, the more flavor compounds are lost.


Step 2

The ideal water temperature for filter coffee is 92-95°C. Water that is too hot makes the coffee taste bitter and water that is too cold leads to watery and sour coffee. Tip: If you don’t have a thermometer, just let the water sit for a minute or immediately transfer it to another container.


Step 3

Put the freshly ground coffee into the paper filter. (Some people “wash” the paper filter with a little hot water first, dampening it before adding the coffee grounds). We recommend 20g of coffee powder to 320ml of water (the dosage is of course a matter of taste). Our tip: use a precision scale to determine the ratio of coffee and water exactly.

Nun wird der Filter angefeuchtet.

Step 4

Now the coffee grounds get dampened with a small amount of water ( pour enough water until all the grounds are covered with water). Then give the coffee about 30 seconds to bloom. This allows any gases to escape from the coffee and the coffee powder to soak up the water.

Gooseneck Kanne

Step 5

After successful blooming, the hand filter can now be filled with more water. This is done by slowly pouring the water in a circular motion. (We recommend a “Goose Neck” pot for this, as it pours very precisely with its long curved neck). At a medium grind, the coffee should run through and be ready after about 3 minutes. Adjust the grind accordingly if your coffee takes too long (grind too fine) or too short (grind too coarse) to go through.

fertiger Kaffee

Step 6

Your filter coffee is now ready. Enjoy!

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